Nachos Dip



  • 100 g Méline’s® Chinese sauce

  • 100 g Natural Yoghurt

  • 20 g Chives


  1. Finally chop the chives, if you would like a little more or a little less, thats fine, and you can even add little finely chopped shallot if you please.

  2. Now put 100g of unsweetened natural yoghurt (organic is best) into a bowl.This recipe works too if you prefer crème fraîche.

  3. Add 100g of Méline’s® Chinese sauce, 40g of chopped chives (saving a little for later to sprinkle on top).

  4. Mix all ingredients well, taste, and if you would like a little more oomph and spice just add a little more of Méline’s Chinese Sauce. Tips: Both of these recipes can be used for so many different dishes, for example: chips, sticky ribs, barbecues, sushi or even plain potatoes, just to name a few.

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